*About Our Bees*

Honey Boy Press is made possible by the brave and vulnerable work of many folx who trust us to amplify/broadcast/share their work. Here are their stories!!!

Macho Queen

Macho Queen is a a zinester raised in Chumash Barbareno lands in the San Fernando Valley,  Los Angeles. they are currently growing on ancestral Chumash lands in central coast california. MQ is a queer educator/librarian/archivist who loves pro wrestling, DIY/DIT, and making zines for everyone. MQ is the founder and HBIC at HoneyBoy Press.

socratease pic.png


Socratease is a reformed academic, a chaotically flirty queer, and your favorite Florida Man’s favorite Florida Man. He has too many feelings about Greek poetry, cycling, his cat, and professional wrestling. He’s here to chew gum and kiss the homies goodnight, and guess what? He's all outta gum.


kynita stringer-stanback


kynita is an information activist.

zines: Beautiful Imposition


Michael Montenegro

Michael Montenegro is a Artist, seasoned digital content creator, filmmaker, event organizer, community historian, Writer (Author), and the founder of Chicano Culture SB. From being a news anchor in high school to one of the creative directors for the Chicano International Film Festival 2016 in Los Angeles. He's been published in Latino Rebels, Santa Barbara Magazine, and the SB Independent. Michael is a known activist against gentrification, xenophobia/anti-mexican/racism, and being an  advocate for alternative transportation. He's also once managed the Facebook page “Being Chicano” and was the catalyst to its growth from 30k to over 300k Likes, Lastly, is the Founder of the annual SB Mural Bike Ride est. 2016 that celebrates local history and art in Santa Barbara.

zines: It's okay to cry homie