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Never made a zine before but have some ideas? Do you have a zine you’ve made and are ready to distribute?


Our mission at honey boy press is to amplify and facilitate folx at the margins of publishing to develop and publish their works independently as zines. we believe in zines as a truly emancipatory and radical medium and work to minimize the barriers in access to creating and distributing zines more widely. although our practice is based in california our work knows no borders. drop us a line for more info!!!!

For Creators

For Organizations

HBP also works with collectives and organizations to design and facilitate zine workshops and collaborative zine projects. we work with participants of all ages and specialize in creative empowerment and community engagement through zine making. We've worked with Girls Inc Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Public Library and local business to design projects that are relevant and locally resonant for participants and the wider community.

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